4 Simple Food Strategies to Live By

I woke up this morning with an Earth Day hang over, not from drinking too much, but from consuming way to much information.  Being on Twitter yesterday was like facing a fire house with an endless, and I mean endless supply of water.  Great energy.  Let’s just hope it lasts.

Being sensitive to my “information hangover,” I am dedicating this post to brevity by offering four simple ways for each of us to eat better until next Earth Day.  

  1. Do not get fat; if you are fat, reduce. Favor fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid heavy use of salt and refined sugar. Get plenty of exercise and outdoor recreation. See your doctor regularly, and do not worry.  –Ancel Keys, Cardiologist, 1959
  2. There are no “secrets” to cooking – only good guidance combined with experience.  To cook good dishes you must start with real food. In general, the better the ingredients you have the simpler your cooking can be.  -Mark Bittman, How to Cook Everything, 1998
  3. Eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables…go easy on junk food.  -Marion Nestle, What to Eat, 2006
  4. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.  –Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food, 2008

I highlighted the years to show what looks like a “dumbing down” of a message that hasn’t really changed in 50 years (no offense, Mr. Pollan) – eat less, eat produce, avoid junk, cook more, exercise. Repeat.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Happy eating!


Supporter of Food Renegade’s Fight Back Fridays

9 responses to “4 Simple Food Strategies to Live By

  1. Oh, those information hangovers.

    Funny how the words change but the message doesn’t. “Don’t get fat” is a pretty harsh way to invite people into the conversation. “Um, sorry, too late for you, sir, obviously…”

    But back in the 1950s days, real food wasn’t a fringe movement, was it?

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  4. Easier said than done. Sugar calls my name and I cannot resist the call of the Sirens.

  5. It’s funny because this is one instance where Ancel Keys is totally right. Reducing table salt intake and refined sugars is so important.

    About Ancel Keys, I love this post by Dr. Eades:


    Thanks for submitting this post to Fight Back Fridays today.

    All the best,
    (AKA FoodRenegade)

  6. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains
    Seasonally fresh

  7. Linda,

    I love sweets too but have realised that the more you eat, the more you crave. What I did at the beginning of this year (yes, a NY resolution!! 🙂 ) was to ration sweets to one every alternate day – I lost my craving within a 6 weeks!

    Hope it helps you.


  8. Great job summarizing 3 of my favorite foodie authors – Bittman, Nestle, & Pollan’s – and they’re perspectives. I see that you also follow some of my favorite foodie blogs too! You’ve got great taste.

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